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TRAIN-the-trainer Certificate program

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an etiquette certificate program?  

A highly regarded recognition in the field of protocol, which can be obtained once an individual completes professional training of the subject matter

Do I need a formal degree as a pre-requisite to participating in your etiquette certificate program?

Absolutely not. Your passion and enthusiasm to teach civility to children is the only pre-requisite for our etiquette certificate program

Is it required for me to complete and pass a test in order to receive my certificate?

At the completion of the workshop, a written and interactive test will be administered.  Upon successful completion, your certificate will be granted

How long is your "Train-the-Trainer" children's etiquette workshop?

Our in-person workshop will consist of a 2-day intensive, interactive learning module

Our virtual, self-study track, will take as long as the individual needs.  However, one must complete within 6 months of receiving the material

How much does your "Train-the-Trainer" children's etiquette workshop cost?

Your investment fee to attend our 2-day "Train-the-Trainer" children's etiquette workshop is $775, not inclusive of your travel & accommodations cost

Your investment fee for our virtual, self-study "Train-the-Trainer" children's etiquette certificate program is $395

Will I gain real-life experience from your certificate program workshops?

Yes! Our mission is to immerse our soon-to-be etiquette consultants into actual teaching scenarios

What if I don't want to start an etiquette business, but want to teach children's etiquette in my classroom, church or youth organization; will this certificate program help me do just that?

Absolutely! Our training is designed to train you on how to teach children's etiquette, regardless of the venue or your personal goal.  Our mission is to share our knowledge of teaching children's etiquette, which can happen anywhere